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This page is dedicated to websites that are either important resources to members of the entertainment industry or are valued affiliates of the Creative Actors Alliance


Entertainment Resources



Writers Guild

Director's Guild

Internet Movie Database

The Numbers

Industry Central

Creative Screenwriting

Script Magazine

Industry Links


The Scriptwriters Network

Sam Christensen Studios

Screenwriting Workshops
Jacob Krueger offers screenwriting workshops.

Holdon Log

The Actors Network

Joanne Baron /DW Brown Studio

Judy Kerr

Loren E. Chadima - Acting Coach



Bill Devlin Photography



Beth Beacham Photography

Philanthropy links


The Giviing Spirit


Past Brunch Sponsors

Jadetiger Productions

Steve G. Jones - Clinical Hypno-therapist

Hold On Log

Thriving Artist Circle


Michael Savage Total Workshop for Acting

Z-Ville Productions


Jill Kirsh of Jill Kirsh Color

Past Guest Speakers of the Creative Actors Alliance (This is a list of past speakers and some of them do not have links)

Aaron Marcus

Giovanni Cuarez (Producer)

Bryan Hale (Identity Talent Agency)

Tshlene Hendreid (Color Me Bright Talent Agency)

Phil Brock (Studio Talent Group - Manager)

Jon Gries (Producer / Actor)

Erik Betts (Stunt Man - Actor)

Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown studios

Billy DaMota (Casting) /

Scott-Arthur Allen (President of Talent Managers Association)

Bryan Michael Stoller

Denice Duff (Actor / Photographer)

Cynthia Steel (SAG Members on the Move)

Larry Moss (Dialect Coach and Actor)

Kitty Swain (SAG Board Negotiator)

David Lollar (ICM)

Caroline Liem (Casting)

Todd Justice (Agent)

Martin Mayo (Producer)

Liz Hanley (Bicoastal Talent Agency)

Roman Wyden (Bicoastal Talent Agency)

Linda Berger (Casting)

Eleanor Berger (Manager)

Michael Conley (Publicist)

Pliny Porter (Producer)

G. Anthony Josheph (Actor / Producer)

Phil McKeon (Actor / Director)

Merri Sugarman (Casting Director)

Peter Onorati (SAG Board Memeber / Actor)

Kevin Kilner (SAG Board Member / Actor)

David Orr (Producer)

Adam Lewis (Manager)

Jeff Geoffray (Producer)

Rod Baron of Baron Entertainment (Agent)

Mark Lindsay Chapman (Actor)

Joe Ochman (Actor / Director)

Jeff Gund (Composer / Producer / Networking Guru)

Zack Ward (Actor / Producer)

Gary Marsh of The Breakdown Services

Merideth Kelley (Talent Manager)

Ryan J. Blair (Motivational Speaker)

Bryan Stinson (Reality Casting Director)

Jason L. Wood (Casting Director)

Pamela Staton (Casting Director)

Kyle Cummins of SilverCrest Entertainment Films, LLC (Producer)

Debra Skelton (Actor / Host)

Jack Scalia (Actor / Producer)

Linda Phillips-Palo (Casting Director)

Joel Colman (Commercial Director)

Keri Selig (Producer)

Gwyn Gilliss from The Actors Market

Talmadge Ragan - Producer / Actor

David Heavener - Actor, Director, Writer, Producer and Songwriter

Johnny "Roastbeef" Williams - Actor

G. Anthony Joseph - Producer

Michael Braverman from the Braverman/Bloom Management Co.

Producer/Writer T.J. MANCINI of Crossroads Production & Management


VALERIE LANDSBURG - Actress / Producer / Director

LOREN E. CHADIMA - DIRECTOR - Empowering Young Actors to be Their Authentic Selves!

Joseph Rubenstein - the C.E.O. of The Casting Frontier.
Joey Rubenstein of The Casting Frontier

Anne-Marie Johnson - SAG Vice President
Alan Rosenberg - SAG President

Angela Garcia Combs (Writer/Director/Producer) and Sascha Schneider (Producer/UPM)



Charlize Theron (Actor)

Michael Levine (Publicist)

Arron Marcus (Commercial Actor)

Larry A. Thompson (Producer)

Eleanor and Linda Berger (Management/Casting)

Elliott Gould (Actor)

Jon Dichter

Erin Gray (Actor / Coach)

Angela Campolla (Casting)

Chip Chalmers (Director)

Devorah Cutler (Producer)

Steven L. Sears (Producer)

Nate Thomas

Bruce Michael Hall (Actor)

Sherri Shepherd (Actor)

Mike Martineau (Television Writer)

Adrian Carr (Director)

Geo Hartley (Theater Producer/Director/Writer)

Bruce Heller (Producer)

Donnamarie Recco (Actor)

Bruce Locke (Actor / Writer)

Bill Hooey (Commercial Producer / Director)

Robert Forster (Actor)

David Coulier (Actor / Comedian)

Chris Berg (Motivational Speaker)

Stuart K. Robinson (Actor / Director / Coach)

Allen Fawcett (Actor / Coach)

Giovanni Agnelli (Producer)

Michael Saleman (Entertainment Attorney)

Morgana Rae (Writer / Speaker / Seminars / Workshops / Individual and Group Coaching)

TK Carter (Actor / Producer)

Sheila Thompson (Casting Director)

Roz Tillman (Manager)

Mike Meyer (Producer)

Michael Sutton of Baron Entertainment

Roberta Marie Munroe (Filmmaker / Sundance Film Programmer)

Rick Podell (Director / Actor / Acting Coach)

Danica McKellar (Actor / Producer)

Bodie Olmos (Actor / Producer)

Brian McCabe (Agent)

Misha Henckel - (Success Coach)

Andrew Libby (Talent Manager of Renegade Talent)

Bonnie Gillespie (Casting Director)

John Hammil (Commercial Casting Director)

Toni Suttie (Casting Director)

Matthew Kilburn (Director)

Dee Wallace (Actor)

Deke Anderson (Director / Coach)

Philip Moon (Actor)

Charlie Jordan Brookins (Director of Development for MTV Studios)

Brad Lemack (Publicist / Manager)

Gerry Wolff and Christine Joyce of Big Bad Wolff Casting

Randy Becker of Acuna Entertainment

Timothy Lampros of A.C.T.

Suzanne Lyons of Flash Forward Institute, Snowfall Films and WindChill Films

PAUL HAMILTON MOLINSKY of Talent Entertainment Network Inc., Model and Talent Agency,

Paula McAfee from Starcraft Talent Agency

DAN BALESTRERO, Voice Over Artist and Teacher

Esrin Gozukizil - Executive Director of Current Drama Programming at ABC

Jason Berger of J2D Productions

Rock Riddle, President, APS Entertainment & Hollywood Success

Shawn Tolleson - director and career coach.

Margie Haber- Acting Coach and Author

Nancy Ruff - Producer


James Allen Bradley - Producer / Director

TED BRUNETTI, Producer, Director, Actor, Coach for actors and directors

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