Pat Connelly
Pat Connelly was an original member who contributed to the Creative Actors Alliance in many ways but his mark was forever made when he animated our logo that is seen on this site and at the beginning of our film productions.

Paul Giada
Paul Giada called the very first meeting to order and made countless contributions to the Creative Actors Alliance, but he is most remembered for designing the official logo and the original award winning website.

Jenette Jurczyk

Jenette Jurczyk served on the board for five years, doing countless jobs, but mostly organizing the successful Monthly Networking Brunch, which has been running for the past 9 years. She also was the catalyst who produced many Creative Actors Alliance theatrical productions and philanthropic events. She is so proud to have served with these brilliant, talented people to make the Creative Actors Alliance what it is today!

Yetem Kefale Worku
Yetem Kefale Worku is an active board member who has been a proud member of the Creative Actors Alliance since the very first day of its inception. She is Organizer of our Monthly Entertainment Industry Event and has made many contributions and dedicated herself to the group over the years while passionately pursuing her own personal goals in the entertainment industry.

James McDonald
James McDonald put his many skills to work when he served on the board of the alliance. His legal document expertise helped the organization move from being just a group of actors to an official business in the entertainment industry.

Sarah Pettycrew
Sarah Pettycrew Kania was at the very first meeting called together by a group of actors wanting to make a difference in their careers. This group has evolved into what the Creative Actors Alliance is today and she is proud to be a founding member. She was the creator of the script writing competition, The C.A.S.T. Project, which was launched in 2003. She currently serves on the board as the Treasurer, Webmaster and Affiliate Member Liaison in addition to actively producing projects with independent filmmakers.

Jeff Sable
Jeff Sable is proud to say that he was acting coach to all of the founding members and hopes that he was, in some small way, an inspiration for the beginning of the Creative Actors Alliance. While continuing with his own career, Jeff serves as the resident acting coach and casting director for the Alliance. He is also currently the President of Vapor Trails, LLC, which is a branch of the Creative Actors Alliance set up for the purpose of producing their first feature film.

Zander Villayne
Zander Villayne started with the alliance when it had just begun as a scene study group. Amazed at the dedication and talent of the other actors, he wanted in! Together the group developed and became so much more than just actors trying to hone their craft. He is proud of the accomplishments of the alliance and the selfless attitude it thrives to keep alive. Zander has been an entertainer for over twenty years and in addition to being an actor, he is a Musician, Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Producer and is the owner of Z-Ville Productions.

Honorable Mention: Dawn Morgan and Paul Giada, were the original two people responsible for inviting actors to join them to
discuss putting an ensemble group together. Others in attendance at this meeting were Pat Connelly,
Steve Brown, Lisa LaBarre, Sarah Pettycrew and Yetem Kefale Worku.

Another Honorable Mention: Carol Abney served as the board's secretary from 07-2001 to 09-2008.


Additional past board members who have contributed over the years: Will Makozak, Deena Russo, Sammy DeSilva,
Chonte Harris, Carrie Cain Sparks, Joy Ruby and Anthony Dietel.


This is an original Bryan Frank drawing of the board members at the time, clockwise from left: Carrie Cane Sparks,
Jenette Jurczyk, Paul Giada, James McDonald, Jeff Sable, Sarah Pettycrew, Zander Villayne and Yetem Kefale Worku.