Creative Actors Alliance




Ht: 5'10"

Wt: 130 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Film (partial list)
Catathymia Michelle (Supporting) Dir. Inbar Gilboa (AFI)
All's Well That Ends Well Celebrity (Supporting) Dir. James E. Roberts
Blocked Kate (Lead) Dir. James E. Roberts
Screamplay Wanda (Supporting) Dir. Martin Mayo
Death of a Housewife Louise (Lead) Dir. Michael Mansberger
The Family Porter Lisa (Lead) Dir. Jeff Mihaui
Gizmo Sister Woman (Supporting) Dir. Zander Villayne
The Chair Honey (Lead) Dir. Zander Villayne
Coersion Janet (Lead) Dir. Marc Heuck
First Kiss Celia (Lead) Dir. Jody Arneson
Cast Irene (Lead) Dir. Anna Scott
Truth, Lies, and Digital Video Jenny (Lead) Dir. Roger Kinion
Killer.Com Gena (Supporting) Dir. Ulli Lommel
Louis And Frank The Tourist (Supporting) Dir. Alexandre Rockwell
Jerry Gets a Job (Pilot) Tina (Co-Star) Prod. Paul Conway
Millionaire Expo: A Road to Riches Interviewer (Star) Film Artists Network
Focus Ex-Girl Friend (Star) USA Network
Starcycle Student (Co-Star) Dir. Darren Block
Safe Haven (Pilot) Jennifer (Co-Star) Sagacity Productions
New Age Tech Self / Host (Star) Kent Communications
USA Live Self (Co-Star) USA Network
Any Way Bridesmaid (Co-Star) Dir. Doug Green (Music Video)
Unistat Infomercial Sandra (Lead) AIA Productions
Mindtrip to Musicland Self / Host (Lead) Dir. Kevin Carson
Much Ado About Nothing Margaret Shakespeare Orange County
O.T. Dianne Actor's Forum Theatre
The Last Train Rhianna The Tamarind Theatre
Hell's Cuisinart Jane The Tamarind Theatre
The Family Porter Lisa The Tamarind Theatre
Passing By Susan The Tamarind Theatre
Portrait of Eve Eve Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood
Homing Penguins Aileen New Jersey Repertory
Twelfth Night Olivia New Jersey Repertory
Godfathers Meshuggener Wedding Brenda Goldberg New York Dinner Theatre
If Female LaMama Theatre, NY
Mad Forest Lucia Vladu LaMama Theatre, NY
Right You Are If You Think You Are Signora Sirelli Illinois Repertory Theatre
Taming Of The Shrew Katherine The Station Theatre
Oatmeal And Kisses Roxanne Schneider The Armory Theatre
Italian-American Reconciliation Janice Penny Dreadful Play
Conflicts available upon request
Shari Shaw Studios Scene Study - Studio City
British American Drama Academy - Bill Homewood, Floyd King, Fiona Shaw Shakespeare - Oxford, England
Stephanie Feury Scenework/Method - Los Angeles
Jeff Sable Business of Acting/Camera Technique - Los Angeles
Steven Randazzo Meisner Technique - New York
Anthony Abeson Monologue Study - New York
Stuart Vaughn Shakespeare -New York
Dance / Choreography (20 Years Experience)
All Styles -
New York / Los Angeles
Voice Training: Thomas Schleis, David Duke, Richard Loatman
NJ Repertory Theatre Company Member - New York
BFA - University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
*SAFD Certified Actor / Combatant (Rapier And Dagger, QuarterStaff, Unarmed), Dialects (Southern, New York, Irish, British, Cockney, IPA) Sign Language, Tumbling And Juggling, Rollerblading, Figure Skating, Horseback Riding, Modeling / Pageants, Driving, Gourmet Cooking, Wig / Makeup Technology / Design, Sewing / Wardrobe Experience, Directing, Certified Mixologist, Pool And Dart Playing, Blood Curdling Screams.