Committed Artists Entertainment

SAG / AFTRA / British Equity

Direct contact: 323-533-8013


Ht: 5'2"

Wt: 106 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White


Film (Partial Listing) Director Production Company
Brookwood Sleazebages Johnny West Sleazebags PLC
Mother and Child w/ Annette Benning Rodrego Garcia Mother and Child Productions, PLC
Dark Room Theater (Episode 2) Benjamin Pollack Bevention Films, Inc.
Commander in Chief Gerson Sanginitto Intl. Studio for Movies
Harry Nash Steve Harris Rock and Roll Weekends, Inc.
These Boots / Made for Walken (showcased in 20 festivals) Jeremy Pack 12 J Productions
Treasure Painted Forest Scott Hylton Painted Pictures, LLC
Deadline (Screamfest) Carolyn Townsend Funtown Productions
In The Attic Danny Dadeau Nightlight Pictures, LLC
Television (Partial Listing)
"Nash" Steward Raffil Tom Ingran Production Company
Neighborhood Watch Naomi Bleiweiss MMM Production
General Hospital (Mulitple ?des) Craig McManus ABC Television
Merry Christmas Josh n' Drake Michael Grossman Nickelodeon
24 Rodney Charters FOX, Internet Productions
The Playbook Ivan Dudynksy Spike T.V.
Subs Jason Priestley FOX Television
Starting Over Troy Nixon NBC Televsion
Black Books Martin Dennis CH. T.V. London
Mad Motorists Mike Toppin London W/E Television
Theatre (Partial Listing)
Midsummer Night's Dream First Fairy Royal Exchange - Manchester
Steel Magnolias Miss Clairee Dir. Bruce James - Sheffield
Inherit The Wind Mrs. Krebbs Dir. Tim Childs - London
The Importance of Being Ernest Miss Prim Dir. John Cherringon (Shanghai)
The Warp (24 hrs.) Betty Gallop et all Dir. Ken Campbell
Three Sisters Anfissaq Lucy Pitman Wallace - London
Riders To The Sea Maurya Greenwich Studio
Simples Of The Moon Thoria Lyric Studio
Act Of Union Ellen Cheltenham Everyman
The Great S, Caper Various Voices John Talbot - Gilbot Prods.
The Academy, London Company Course Tim Reynolds Dir.
On Camera Cold Reading and Scene Study   Karen Armstrong, Casting Director
Camera Technique   John Swanbeck
Scene Study and Cold Reading   Jeff Sable
Commercial Technique   Steve Caldwell, Buddy Powell
Skills and Interests
SKILLS: Qualified SRN / Midwife, Improvisation, Musical Comedy, Piano (int.), Horse Riding, Cycling, Puppetry, Gardening, Chi-gong and Tai-Chi, Belly Dancing, Dog Breeding, Children's Arts, Licensed Driver (U.K., U.S.) French (Fluent), Soprano (Bottom G-Top B) Swimming, Member Theatre West.
DIALECTS: Cockney, Lancashire, Irish, Scottish, Somerset, German, Italian, French, American and Southern.