"Thank you Creative Actors Alliance Board and RPM for inviting me to participate in your short film. I had a great time. You guys are so professional and fun to be around. Thanks for the opportunity and the awesome experience." -- Cynthia Watson


"A few weeks ago, I did a "Career Tree", tracking back what people and experiences led me to the success I am having today in my career. More than half of my contacts and ideas have come directly or indirectly through hanging around Creative Actors Alliance. I treasure the friends and information I have gained through Creative Actors Alliance. You guys are amazing!" -- Javelyn, www.javelyn.net


"I consider Creative Actors Alliance the top informative, supportive, professional, warm actors group in the business. For only $60 per year you get pics and your resume on their website and a free Monthly Saturday meeting and Monthly Sunday Night Acting Class." -- Meredith Kelley Actress and Talent Manager


"I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you created for me: Pamela Staton, July's guest speaker, called me the following Monday to come in and audition for an indie feature she's casting... AND I GOT THE PART!" -- Adam LeBow


"I am so glad you guys got together and formed The Alliance and the brunch. It's really come a long way. I remember when you handed out the flyer for the 1st one. Making those connections are so important and keeping faith and learning with and from others fellow actors and artists is so great." -- Char Frost


"As a talent scout working to help actors and models in the industry, I can truly appreciate what this unique group has to offer. They provide a helpful environment for talent as well as talent-seekers to mingle and network, making all our lives a little easier. So much of what they do is strictly out of the goodness of their hearts, it is no wonder to me that their energy and good-will is contagious!! I see great things ahead for the members of the Creative Actors Alliance and I can say without reservation that the entertainment community is grateful to have such an organization." -- Robert Marcus, Director of Scouting, Premiere Model and Talent


"Your brunches are great, and provide an invaluable service to the local film community - not just actors, but the entire industry. I have made not only valuable business contacts at your organization, but good friends as well. There's always something to be learned from all the great guest speakers you provide access to at the brunches. Please keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing you at the next event!" -- Jeffrey R. Gund


"I always look forward to coming to the brunches. It is a very good source of information and camaraderie All the board members are so friendly and helpful... I joined not only to receive valuable information and help but also to keep me in check when self-doubts and insecurities arise. This is a very encouraging group which tries its best to help all who show up." -- Jay Yepp


"I met Chris Berg at the Creative Actors Alliance Brunch. Since then, we had several conversations concerning goal attainment. Chris impressed me. I realized he was someone I wanted on my team, so I hired him as my personal and business success coach. Thank you, (Creative Actors Alliance) for making it possible for me to meet such a dynamic individual. My business and personal lives are now full speed ahead." -- Steve G. Jones


"When first coming across this organization, it stopped me in my tracks. The people behind this project are very inspiring to the artist. Especially as a woman trying to break into this industry, I was truly impressed. They provide such incredible information to actors that need it so much to understand how this industry works. It makes me want to join to be a part of such a positive team." -- Kim Bennink


"I love going to the brunches when I can. It's great to reconnect with familiar faces & meet new ones within the industry, as well as learning about the trade through wonderful speakers. The Creative Actors Alliance brunch has helped me to let people know what I'm doing & vice versa. I have gotten some work as a result of attending the brunches. Thank you!" -- Marisa Abbott


"This was great. I am thinking of joining (as an Affiliate) and I probably will. Today's lecture was extremely good for my soul." -- Joseph B. Hall


"Hey! I totally enjoyed and needed your recent Creative Actors Alliance Brunch. Networking, talking and the inspirational guest speakers are just what the lonely actor's soul needs for motivation on his quest. I am not alone. It was great to be around great people and other actors. Thanks so much. See you next month." -- Stephen Martz


"Mr. Gould was spiritually brilliant. I congratulate you on your present choice and the many more for the future." -- Ben Glesz


"What a wonderful organization that brings together a community of actors and has experiences shared by the likes of Elliot Gould, Michael Levine and Charlize Theron. Thank you." -- Kate Lily Souza


"My First Time, it's great!" -- Ryan Johnsen