Here are some photos from the first official
Creative Actors Alliance Repertory Production...

Yetem Kefale and Sarah Pettycrew holding the clap board after the first scene ever shot with the new Repertory Production Members.

Make-up artist, Julie Melissa Engleton and Bridget Brady

Cameraman, Josh Anderson and
First AD, Rodney Lane Holland

Josh Anderson

Dave Hanson and Brian Patrick Nichols

Director, Zander Villayne

Hal Banfield and Chris Wedding

Danny Murphy, Carol Abney, Jeff Sable and Tracy Ging

Bridget Brady and Berna Roberts

Brian Patrick Nichols at work

Danny Murphy and Jeff Sable

The set

Yetem Kefale

Danny and Yetem at work

Rodney Lane Holland and Sarah Pettycrew as The King and Queen

Dave Hanson and Joshua Hayden are the happy knights

Satya, Michael, Dorian and Marci from PASW came out to be part of the King and Queen Court

Adam and Eli Spring also performed as members of the court

The Performing Arts Studio West students in costume and on set

Yuki Sagara and Mylika Davis

Hal Banfield at work

Berna Roberts

Zander Villayne, Jeff Sable and Berna Roberts


Sean and Chris Wedding

Mylika and Susan chillin' by craft service

Thank you to all of the cast and crew of MORPH