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Jackie Stander



Film / Television
El Al Flight 426 Starring CBS/Discovery
Reaping the Girl Starring Chris Nelson Dir.
Final Song Co-Starring Hank Paul Prod.
Murder by the Book Starring Davina Lee Prod.
Bad Boy Starring Mathew Winthrop Prod.
The Devil and the Girl Starring Starring 4-um Films
I Wish I Was A Fish Starring Geraldine Sepic Prod.
Vietnam Worm Starring Eddie Miyar Prod.
Mary's Secret Starring Peter J. Bean Prod.
Urban Shootout Starring Maher Mamoud Prod.
The Encounter Starring Movie Machine Films
The Final Hours of Norma Jeane Rick (Lead) Edge Theatre
Kurohune Henry Adams (Lead) Edge Theatre
Love Suicides at Schofield Barracks Sgt. Ruggles (Lead) Edge Theatre
Porcelain William Hope (Lead) Edge Theatre
Multiple Classes   Judy Kerr
Commercial Auditioning   Carolyne Barry
Multiple Classes   Ray Forchion
Auditioning for Film and Television   Lori Wyman
Multiple Classes   Doug Wright
Multiple Classes   Linda Zerne
Multiple Classes   New York Film Academy

NCAA Baseball Player, ACE certified Personal Trainer, Chesapeake Accent, Maryland Accent, Southern Dialects, British Accents, Wrestling, Extreme Physical Flexibility – Can Do Full Splits, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts