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Ht: 5' 10"

Wt: 170 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown


Closing Time Featured/Customer Dir: Pamela Zambelli, Artist Films
Man or Mouse Lead Dir:  David Steffan, USC Grad
General Hospital Nurse/U-5 Dir: Scott McKinsey, ABC
The Write Life Mike The Hudson Mainstage Theater
The Robbers Ted West Coast Ensemble
The Fan  Lead West Coast Ensemble
The Quality of Boiled Water Greg Court Theater
Search and Destroy Martin LMS Theater
Loose Ends  Paul LMS Theater
The Crucible  Proctor DWB Theater
Sitcom Study Marylou Belli/Phil Ramuno
Advanced Scene Study Valerie McCaffrey, Sonia Nikore
Cold Reading Richard Delancey, Joey Paul (master class),Annie Grindlay – Margie Haber Studio
Improvisation Michael Lembeck - Lembeck Comedy Workshop
Scene Study (current) Aaron Speiser, Larry Moss Studio, Ben Meyerson
Commercial Carolyne Barry, Michael Lien
Voice & Diction Paul Wagar
Member of West Coast Ensemble  

     Power Weight lifting, High Impact Aerobics, Skiing, Golfing, Billiards, U.S Football, Volleyball, Beach 
     Volleyball,  Discus Throw, Rollerblading
    Other: Dance – Basic Swing

     Dialects – New York City, British
     MBA - Arizona State University, Tempe

     BSEE - University of Massachusetts, Amherst